About Us

Huia Jewellery & Giftware is a New Zealand boutique producer of colourful, handmade fashion jewellery & Kiwiana giftware/souvenirs.

Huia Jewellery and Giftware has been handcrafting our products for more than 12 years selling to boutiques, gift and souvenir stores widely across New Zealand and Australia. 

Colour and unique designs are what separate Huia from the pack.

Each jewellery products are offered in multiple colour choices, so that one can have beautiful jewellery that matches every clothes outfit, or a variety of different jewellery pieces in their favourite colour.  Every piece is not only handmade but homemade too.  We are still, to this day, based out of a home garage.

Every year the product range is refreshed with new designs to complement our trusted favourites, and keep our valued resellers and customers happy. 

The original founder of this business was motivated by ongoing searches for jewellery to add individuality and colour to her attire. Out of pure frustration in not being able to find unique offerings, she produced her own – the Red Rose Pendant - which is still in our collection today.  The original pendant was then produced in multiple colours and became the foundation for the growing range of Huia products.  

The business was initially launched in 2007, and within 3 months the product range was taken on by one hundred (100) gift and souvenir shops across New Zealand. In 2018 the business was rebranded Huia Giftware to give it a truly New Zealand identity. 

Huia is an extinct bird in New Zealand. Interestingly, it is also the owner’s grandmother’s first name. “I have many very fond memories of my Nan and, therefore, see the name as fitting for a business that is about creating happiness in peoples’ lives.” 

We are a family run business and strive to provide the very best at a price everyone can enjoy!   Feel free to send us your feedback - it helps us get better and better.  

Thank you!